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Not sure as a parent how you can imagine the heartbreak of what this family is going through at the present time,I know I can't.
Why oh why is life so unfair and cruel.


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Poor, poor lad. So tragic in one so young :0(

That's so sad, what a shock for him and his family. Life is unfair you are right Sal, seems the nice suffer and the evil travel through life without a care.

What a awfull shock, there are always someone far worse off than yourself, god bless his family and the lads bravery.

How tragic, poor boy. Thoughts with him and his family.

So tragic isn't it, the young lad next door to us had cancer and died at 13 Michaels Friend we did a fun run/walk through Harlow to raise money for him organised by Michael and his Friends we raised £1000. 18 months later the same happened to marks Friend he was 18, it is awful seeing the Parents going through this and something I hope I have never have to do.
I can't begin to imagine how the parents must feel.

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