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Claw Injury

I don't know if this is where I would ask a favor of all of you dog lovers....but My pitbull keiko recently had a bit of an injury. We were playing around when I noticed her paw was bleeding. It stopped quickly but since I have noticed that her claw or nail is almost split or separated from the qiuck! It's memorial day weekend and I tried calling the 24 hr vet but I just keep getting put on hold. What can I do for her if anything? She's not really limping too much but she is favoring that paw and licking at it often. Id welcome and appreciate any advice Take care! And I look forward to getting to chat with you all!

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I’m forever having to sort out one of my dog’s paws either due to them catching a claw or cutting a pad on the sharp stones on the beach.

So long as she as she is not in any sort of pain and is not limping and as you have said it has stopped bleeding the best thing is to leave it along.

What you will find is that if the claw has separated from the quick then it will more than likely fall off within the next couple of days, but don’t worry as it will re-grow again.

The best thing to do is wash her foot in lukewarm water to make sure that it is perfectly clean and see how she gets on.

You could try to cover it up to stop her from constantly licking it, but if she is anything like my Dobes she will soon have it back off again.


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