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I'm worried about my dog!

Hi over the past couple months i have noticed that my dog has a "red ball" type thing underneath her? i dont know what it is and would love it if someone posted back with news! my dog is a female mungrol aged 13 so very old! scared incase vet puts her down! shes my life

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my advice would be get her to a vet asap! they should be able to help!

You clearly love your dog and you know you need to do the best for her, which deep down I think you know is taking her to the vets. Don't let her suffer, just because she is 13 doesn't mean she will have to be put to sleep. Be brave, if not for yourself then for her. I hope everything turns out fine.

Do you have a picture? Is the red ball like a hang down? Does it move with the skin or is it fixed under the skin?

vet booked for next week! its a hang down, it moves with the skin ie when she walks, it will move also

It could be an infection, a swollen gland, a cyst or a skin tab... amongst other things. Best be safe and get it checked... good luck at the appt!

Good for you for booking the vet. I know how scary it is having an oldie that's got something wrong, but we must always put the dog first. Please keep us posted, and I hope all goes well xx

glad u are going to the vet....vets cannot pts your dog without your permission ...... good luck

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