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Need some pre-whelp grooming tips, please!

Breed is "showtype" cocker spaniel (english) and she's on her 6th week. What would be the more important areas to consider grooming pre-whelping?

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I'd give her a full groom now. I also clip round the teats and her lady bits as short as possible.

Same here, full groom clip around teats and lady bits.

OOH Cocker puppies! Mine is 8 months old now ,would be lovely to see photos when they are born! What colour are you expecting?

Originally Posted by Fudgeley
OOH Cocker puppies! Mine is 8 months old now ,would be lovely to see photos when they are born! What colour are you expecting?
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Litter mentions on the forums. People may keep a blog about their litters, but not mention them on the forums. However if they need to they may ask health related questions as normal. In addition, please do not use the Blogs to advertise litters of puppies for sale or to mention having puppies available.
Thank you..

(I'm sure I posted this in the Grooming section, not sure how it's turned into a blog! :O)

But yes ok, I thought it would be at least them areas
I have always groomed my dog myself so I thought I'd ask some tips here befor I start improvising

Would it be wise to cut ears short aswell, to avoid "mess"?
And around the teats, just cut a few bits here and there with scissors or shave off "a belt" along them?

I guess it's more of a personal preference how you do it but can't hurt to ask

You can shorten the ears if you like but a good dunk and quick wash and dry after the pups are born would solve any 'messy' problems (I have poodles and can't say ever had a problem with full ears getting messy!!) With regards to underneath I shave from her lady bits all the way up to the top two teats as short as possible. I find it stops the puppies sucking, and possibly ingesting, hair. Good Luck!!

Thanks for tips!
I've just done a 3-hour grooming session with her and result is good. She was abit confused when I flipped her over to shave her belly but she didnt seem to mind it at all.
Ended up throwing my grooming clothes away since the hairbits from shaving went everywhere :O I normally only use scissors.

Gave her a cool shower after which she really enjoyed too.

Good luck! I've got a 4 week old cocker litter at the moment (all spoken for) with mum I trimmed her skirts and feathering on her legs, shaved her belly and gave her ears a trim as they do get rather mucky!

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