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Lovebig has a Lump

hi friends. i was riding in the car with my pup, Madison, a little bit ago and noticed she has a lump on the inside of her mouth, does anyone know what it could be? i will be calling the vet first thing in the morning. im a very worried momma and just want my baby girl to be ok!

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I wouldn't like to second-guess your vet. Please keep us posted, and I hope it's something easily sorted x

okay, here is the verdict. the vet took one look at it and said "ohh, this needs to come off asap" "imnot saying it is, but it could be Melanoma, which spreads quickly and can be cancerous" good, now im totally freaking out. i cant stop crying. i have to bring her in for surgery next thursday (6/23/11) and leave her there ALL DAY 830am to 430pm, ive NEVER left her anywhere ALL DAY, i dont know how i am going to do this

Madison is home and healing well. she had a pretty rough day after surgery but is doing well now. she is back to her normal self we will find out in a day or two what it actually was.

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