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just wondering if anyone else has dealt with pancreatitis in their dog. My maltese had an acute bout of it and almost died. He has recovered pretty much but still has runny poo's. He had been on prednisone for allergies, which he now can't have so he is itchy, tried every was known to man. He is on an allergy free diet which doesn't make much difference.

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I have a GSD who had an acute attack of Pancreatitis when he was a juvenile he was so bad he couldnt even keep water down. He was successfully treated and as got no lasting problems.
I also have a dog with allergies, as your dog had allergy testing it may not be his food but an environmental cause.

Just a thought if he is constantly loose he could have aquired EPI, have a TLI blood test done he may need pancreatic enzymes added to his diet.

Pancreatitis killed my dog, its an excrutiatingly painful disease, Im sorry to hear your dog had it too, but delighted he has got over it.

The vet said doing allergy testing is not always helpful as you may not be able to take the allergy causing substance away. And EPI is an idea but again the vet said they doubt it as he has put on 200g since the pacreatitis. Might get the allergy test anyway and keep a close eye out for any EPI indicators..... ahhhhh the stress of not knowing whether to push the issue with the vets or not (they are awesome vets though).

My old'un had it, but recovered well with meds.

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