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Building saga update April

Well we are now almost 6 months into the build project. I have one completed bedroom,which we are furnishing as we speak. My son is a happy boy.The new bedroom with the wetroom is ready to be grouted. Then they need to seal it all down and then see that it drains properly. (I am a little anxious about this).

Downstairs the kitchen is nearly fitted! I am so pleased with it. The oak doors smell gorgeous and I am so glad I kep my practical head on and didn't plump for a high gloss finish on the worktops. The welsh slate effect is great and just needs a quick wipe down with a cloth!

The downstairs cloakroom will be fitted tomorrow and the appliances in the utility should be up and running by the weekend.

I will post some more pics when I get the chance!

Thanks for all the lovely messages of support and the pm's they have kept me going through the bad bits!

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Can't wait to see the finished project, and what a project it has been, We never did get together for that coffee...never mind, you will just have to invite and have one in your posh new kitchen then.
Elaine xx

Oooooooo the end is in sight, how exciting!!!

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