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pano,and lungworm-whats the score?

thanks for all the help and advice,much appriciated.does anyone know if pano goes through all the affected dogs legs,as weve only done two so far.also,is nosebleed a side effect of lungworm?thanks all,from bonzo xxxx

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I lost my gsd to pano in January he was only 8 months old. His previous owners had fed him a very poor diet and the damage was done before I took him on. He was in a lot of pain on 2 of his legs, had swollen wrists and could barely move. Unfortunately pain meds didnt help him and one morning he just couldnt walk at all, we took him back to the vets who said that it was so advanced they couldnt help him anymore so we had to make the awful decision to end his pain and suffering. He broke my heart that boy, he was a very special dog. We only had him for 5 months but he taught me so much! R.I.P Kaiser xxxxx

so sorry to hear that thornesstaf,thats truely awful.it must have been a nightmare to watch your animal suffer so much.

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