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Building Blog...the saga unfolds.Todays pics added...

OK, some of you know that we are having quite a lot (!!!!!) of building work done at home at the moment.

We are having a two storey extension on the rear to extend the dining room and kitchen and add an extra bedroom with wetroom.

On the front we are also having a two storey extension which extends the hall, incorporates a new downstairs cloakroom and also extends my sons bedroom.

On the side we have pinched some of the garage to build a utility room and then built the front of the garage out with a new roof that joins the new front extension.

Here are the before photos.....

The front of the house (before)

During.3.5 months later.

The garage (before)


The back of the house (before)


I will now rush outside to take photos to show you where we are up to externally after about 3.5 months.

The up to date shots have now been added....

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good luck fudgeley and hopefully it will all be sorted soon enough, we are still finishing ours 2 years later but thats what you get when your hubby does it by himself !!! think he is waiting til luca is ol enough to help him finish it !!!

Will be watching with great interest, and I hope it's all going as smoothly as you expected, which of course would be an added bonus! You're having an extension on the front? They won't allow you to come in front of the building line of the other houses though surely? They don't down here, and I thought it was sort of recognised that you can't come out the front? I understand the back and the over the garage bit, but I can't understand out the front? I'll see when you post up pics maybe! Good luck, it's going to be humungous, but all that cleaning!!!

We are coming out in line with the other houses. Because we are in a crescent we can come out as far as the furthest point ....We are actually miorroring (roughly) what next door have had at the front so that the two houses, which are semi's will still be a matching pair.

Ah, now you've changed the pics I can see what you mean! Lovely now isn't it!! Have to say though, they just wouldn't allow that or anything like down our way, in fact, our loft extension company were very surprised we got our two pitched dormers even, it's a big no no down here (apparently!) to come out past a building line! So much better than moving too isn't it! You're going to love all that new!

Thanks everyone. I am pretty pleased with it so far and the inside looks better everyday.

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