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11-11-2008 - 12:43 PM

Vinnie's Doggy Diary

Hi my little furry friends. Not had time to do my blog lately as I've been busy in Mums new house. I keep on making her bed all comfy by ripping up the sheets but she keeps on buying nice new one's for some reason. Also I had to christen the new wooden flooring by weeing on it. Think Mum wants the same floor in the kitchen so I ripped up the lino all ready for the new stuff cos I'm helpful like th...

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18-06-2008 - 11:22 PM

My Ear!

Yesterday Mum took me to see the vet. After our last walkie last night something went in my ear. It's so irritating so I shook my head to try to get it out but it wasn't going anywhere. Then I put my head on the side and that didn't work either. I then had a scratch and that really hurt and I yelped a little bit. Mum put me in the car but I put up a bit of a fight but she got me in there in the ...

Posted by VINNIE-BOY under Dog Health
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