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12-07-2009 - 01:44 PM

how do i put a picture on my profile?

i was just wondering i saw that alot of you have pictures of your pets next to your names when i see your posts so i was hoping someone would tell me how i can do that too?
thanks x
springer lvr...

Posted by springer-lvr under Miscellaneous
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12-07-2009 - 01:42 PM

Come on command

hello im springer lvr,
this is my first post at dogsey
does anybody have any tips on training.
i have a nearly 4 yr old springer but when i take her out and let her of her lead im always frightened she wont come back, which is because she doesnt! so does anybody have any tips on how to train her to come on command?
please help
thanks x
springer lvr

Posted by springer-lvr under Dog Training
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Name: amie

Location: newcastle, uk

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