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Ofcom rules on BBC's pedigree dog expose

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10-12-2009, 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by Jackbox View Post
But for some, its so much easier to blame the KC for all dog related issues.

Yes, plenty of Staffie crosses, along with numerous crossbreeds, and unregistered pedigrees, they were there before and are there now, in that nothing has changed.

The benifit in their favour the programme gave them is an opening to promote their breedign practices as "healthier" than KC registered dogs, because the programme gave them a bandwagon to jump on, and oh have they done so with gusto.
If BYBs need to misrepresent the programme to make their claims then the programme itself gave them nothing. Is that so hard to grasp? It is telling to me that, in your efforts to criticise PDE, you are having to resort, not to what the programme said but to what people who weren't on the programme have wrongly claimed that it said.

It is no secret that BYBs and puppyfarmers have long registered their dogs with the KC in order to gain market credibility.

That is material help. From the KC.

You don't see the BBC or Passionate Productions lending their name to these exploiters, do you? No. No, you don't. Instead, to further their marketability, these slimeballs are having to, in effect, lie about what the programme said. And here you are, unwilling to criticise the KC for the help it did give these lowlifes but bending over backwards to criticse PDE for the help that it didn't give.
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