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New Member!
perkoj90 is offline  
Location: canada
Joined: Jan 2018
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18-01-2018, 03:27 AM

Pitbull puppy aggression perhaps (8 weeks)

Hi everyone, i got a puppy at the age of 6 weeks that my family has been trying to raise as best possible with round the clock care until it is a little older. It is now 8 weeks old. We have another 2 year old dog that is about 70 lbs and was initially unsure what to do with pup but has since begun to play with the pup now that its 8 weeks and more like 10 lbs and not 4 lbs. My concern is the 2 year old is relatively gentle with the pup, but my pup goes at her neck, lips, legs and face with her mouth and not only is she biting but she is snarling and growling while doing so more or less lunging and attacking our two year old. Our two yr old clearly doesn't care because she comes back for more however i am concerned about how to detect and if needed deter aggression in an 8 week old puppy? any pointers?
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Trouble is offline  
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18-01-2018, 01:03 PM
They are play fighting and practicing their skills, the telling point is your older dog doesn't mind, she's reading the situation well. Just make sure you can stop them when you choose, teach them to stop when you say so. We use the command "enough" but you can use any command as long as you're consistent.
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Dogsey Senior
Bulldogs4Life is offline  
Location: Pittsville, USA
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19-01-2018, 06:23 AM
Honestly to me sounds like they are playing. At 8 weeks old and younger they will play with their littermates, they will grab each other and shake, might make noises, they do this to mom and other dogs too, do it with toys, my clothing and shoes while I'm wearing them, my arms, they have to be taught what's okay or not, puppies play with their mouths and of course will play with anything else they can get their mouths on. I don't really see this as aggression. When the pup us older you will know the difference between aggression or not as it would be fighting vs playing even though the playing can be loud and noisey with teeth barred they don't bite just mouth.
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Dogsey Junior
Pitrescuemama is offline  
Location: United States
Joined: Aug 2017
Posts: 49
19-01-2018, 06:47 AM
Yes I agree its playing. My girl is my first puppy my others were all rescues youngest one 8 months old. So I'm new to the whole puppy thing and the first time she got crazy attacking my shoes and bottom of my pants when I couldn't get her to stop I feared she was aggressive. Of course she was playing and after I learned how to get her to stop by holding still and waiting for her to calm down and yes this took awhile but eventually worked. She is a very friendly girl and social she loves people and other animals her manners with dogs are very good people there getting better.
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