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Ben Mcfuzzylugs
Dogsey Veteran
Ben Mcfuzzylugs is offline  
Location: UK
Joined: Mar 2008
Posts: 7,723
23-01-2012, 11:39 AM
I would say you have two problems that need adressed seperatly

The not pulling on lead
1st - most important is to make sure that from now on pulling NEVER gets rewarded by him moving forwards where he wasnts to go
A head collar is good to help you control him, but it dosent often train what you DO want. As well as the methods above I would always have some yummy treats and when he IS walking where you want give him nice treats

But practise walking where there are no cars - that is a different issue
Some collies get fixated on moving things - espech cars, bikes, joggers
Try taking him to a park that has a road at the edge he can see
Take him to a distance he can see the cars but isnt fixated on them and play, do some commands, reward lots for being in a place with cars about
The next day take a step closer to the road - rinse and repeate
eventually he will get used to cars being about not being anything for him to bother about because working with you is more important
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Dogsey Junior
Lezley is offline  
Location: Midlands, UK
Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 69
23-01-2012, 09:59 PM
I agree with all of the above - My Samson is brilliant at lunging!! but I refuse to give up on the fact that he can behave on a short lead.
I have got to the stage where he will walk patiently by my side, in a calm manner at quiet times ( his problem is other dogs people, distractions)
Fun times are at the park - you have to get rid of the excess energy on a daily basis. I go early am to burn the energy - Walking then is a reverse walk - short distance, as soon as he goes in front I say back and go the other direction, or cross the road anywhere but the same way. Sammy never knows which way so has no choice but to follow. This helps with distractions.
Although you can get to the point where you don't want to walk your dog, practise again and again. I take Sammy out for very short periods in busy times, it does save the frustration. My latest tip from the training centre was to make him sit and jump up an down in front of him, apparently it teaches the dog to see that you can be energetic but calm at the same time!! If anything it was a great distraction and he stopped looking around and barking at the other dogs..
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Almost a Veteran
Maisiesmum is offline  
Location: Berks Uk
Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 1,036
23-01-2012, 10:23 PM
I stopped Polo lunging at cars by playing the 'look at that' game. I began in a carpark where he could see slow moving cars and clicked and treated for looking at cars, gradually working on residential roads with wide pavements and verges and I can now walk him on the pavement with cars driving by without him lunging.

The only time he is tempted now is on our own road. It is a 50mph speed limit with no pavements and therefore close fast moving traffic, worse if it is wet weather. In this instance I just use his headcollar and a short lead. As a car comes by I block him with my leg or turn him and shove a treat under his nose.
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New Member!
-Collie-Addict- is offline  
Location: Cheshire, UK
Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 3
09-02-2012, 12:15 PM
Sorry for the late reply everyone.

Thanks for all of your answers so far! He's just turned one year old. Neither of his parents are working, but I do know that his dad is boisterous......

He hated the halti with a passion. He wouldn't walk anywhere without thrashing around, and I was terrified that he'd hurt himself. I did introduce it to him slowly, but no luck. I got a harness which stops the pulling, but does nothing for the lunging.

The pulling is going well. I reward him when he is by my side. He has learnt that when I say "Good boy" it means he gets a treat, so he slows down even more just to look at me ready for his tasty food.

I tried the "leave it" command, which he is great for at home. I could place a bit of meat on the floor, say "leave it" and he'll obey. But when he sees a car, I might as well be invisible! But I have tried blocking him and giving him a treat which works sometimes, but not all the time.

I'm trying to get him up to the local agility centre where they also do obedience training, but I need my dad to take us in the car...It doesn't look like that's happening any time soon. Once this behaviour is sorted I will catch the bus with him, but until then he obviously needs some outlet.
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