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Location: Pittsville, USA
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19-03-2017, 02:03 PM
Not sure what is the debate when it comes to your own dogs. Some owners like to show others do not. Of course showing doesn't make a good owner or well rounded dog, success in show ring isn't the only reason to breed. What you're missing is that many breeders which show dogs also do health test, breed for temperament and other traits. Though not all are good breeders or breed for anything other then wins, it's like anything else there are good and bad show breeders.
You don't have to show to be a good breeder, but lots of people who show Carr about their dogs and are good breeders. Really I don't see a debate in this, it's common dog sense that success in show ring doesn't equal well rounded dog. A good breeders assessment doesn't end with show wins, a lot more goes into breeding.

I would debate early dessexing,which is unnecessary and can be detrimental to the dog,
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