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Location: South Wales, UK.
Joined: Apr 2004
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17-01-2006, 01:30 AM

Info for Rescues (You have to be registered with Dogsey to post in here)

If you are involved in a Rescue and would like to use Dogsey to post information about dogs that need homes, please:

Sign up a new account with the following information:

(Log out first, if you are already logged in with a different account)
  • Username - the name of your Rescue (or an abbreviation if it won't fit)
  • Email address - please use an email of the Rescues domain name if possible (you can always change it afterwards) - this will speed up the verification process
  • Signature - include the rescue's contact details, such as telephone number
  • Website address - put this in the 'URL' field in the profile


Fill in the form that's in the next post and post it in a new thread in the contact admin section:

Once verified, the account will be changed to a full rescue account. Please make sure this is a separate account to your personal account - as you won't be able to post in the other sections with the Rescue account (it is only for the rescue sections).

Here are some questions and answers:

Q: Is it free?
A: Yes

Q: Does my rescue have to be a registered charity?
A: Not at present no, although it will speed up the process in getting you verified if it is.

Q: Is the rescue 'tied-in' in anyway?
A: Apart from our usual terms and conditions, no. A rescue may stop using the site at any time.

Q: How many dogs can I post at any one time?
A: Generally, as many as your rescue has.

Q: Can I post dogs for another rescue?
A: No. All rescues wishing their dogs to be posted should sign up their own accounts - this is for your protection as much as theirs.

Q: Once listed do we have any responsibilities?
A: Yes. You will be responsible for making sure all posted information is accurate and truthful and when dogs are no longer available you should notify the Rescue mods to close the relevant threads. There may also be other rescue specific rules posted in the 'Rescues-only' section.

Q: Can I post our website address with our posts?
A: There's no need to post website/contact details with each and every post - just put your contact details in your signature, and website address in the URL field in your profile.

Q: How soon can I start posting our dogs?
A: As soon as your Rescue has been verified. An email will be sent out when this is done.

Q: Are the rescue sections/way of doing things here set in stone?
A: No not at all, in fact we invite suggestions and ideas and welcome your input in making these sections even better, to work even harder

Q: I have more questions!
A: Please post a new thread in this section: (you must be a registered member to post there)

If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the feedback section.
eRaze is offline  
Location: South Wales, UK.
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 14,621
17-01-2006, 01:43 AM
Please post in a new thread in this section: (you must be a registered member to post there)

Your Name:

Rescues Name, Address and Telephone number:

How many branches does this rescue have and which one do you represent?

Rescues Web Address:

Rescues Email Address:

Your position in this Rescue:

Please provide the name and contact details of an administrative contact who we will approach to verify your position:

Is the Rescue a Registered Charity?

If so, what is the Charity Number:

Does Your Rescue Adhere to A Code of Ethics?

If yes, please include a copy or provide an outline.

By submitting this application you agree to our general terms and conditions which can be found at: and you also agree that you will ensure anyone using your Rescues account also reads and agrees to our terms, before giving them the password to your account.

Once a submission is received we will endeavour to verify the account as soon as possible - once done a email will be sent out with the account details. Thank you.
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